Glaad OUTAuction 2009

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Glaad OUTAuction 2009

For the last eight years GLAAD has hosted the OUTAuction, an LGBT art auction to raise money for their programatic work.

Velvetpark Mate girl, Alex, takes us through the night and interviews some of the celebrity guests.

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Comments [18]

Alex's picture


wow. really wow. thanks for all the VP love, ladies! you really know how to make a girl *blush*. wow again. hehe

I think Grace should put together a VP gathering where we can all get together and hug it out. Let's meet somewhere in the middle. Say, MichFest 2010?

Uncle Aimee's picture

"somewhere in the middle"

would be the Lower East Side. 

Uncle Aimee's picture

Why thank you, Gaga Pony!  I

Why thank you, Gaga Pony!  I also take commissions. 

And thank you for my new position as VP spokeshomo, Grace.  I humbly accept.  And I didn't even have to show the goods to get the job ;-P

As for winning a date with Alex... I have to tell you all that as cute as she is on video, she's cuter in person.  Grace, pimp her out so the fans can all have a shot at the hottie.

yonks's picture

WOW i'v done that when i was

WOW i'v done that when i was child, stick my little plastic figurine on the wall...

witch had upsetting my mom Sad

-Do not follow me, I'M LOST-

Grace Moon's picture

Who is up for a

Win a Date with Alex Contest?

tweet tweet @gracemoon

atlbutchie's picture

count me in

i'd happily venture to NYC.


Not2Taem's picture

Will there be plaid?


minniesota's picture


She's awfully cute but way too young for me, so my answer is SI! Also, will a flight to NYC be included in the prize package?

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Robin Rigby's picture

Oh, yeah!

Er, I mean... Alex, I think it's awful the way Grace is trying to pimp you out. Absolutely inappropriate.

So, what exactly would this contest consist of?

skate's picture

Single!  Everybody in

Single!  Everybody in Brooklyn better get their thumbs out of their asses!

Alex's picture

oh grace moon

now i'm "velvet park mate girl"....? grace moon, you're lucky i love you so!

Robin Rigby's picture

I think you're the VP 'wanna

I think you're the VP 'wanna mate with me' girl.  You are too cute for words.  Where did you find Alex, Grace?  And can you clone her?  

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Grace Moon's picture

Two great pieces!

yeah you're our new spokes person Wink

tweet tweet @gracemoon

Grace Moon's picture


Comment was actually meant for Uncle Aimme,

Two great art pieces!

and her shout out for Vp.

And yeah Alex aint to bad too Wink

tweet tweet @gracemoon

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Uncle Aimee's picture

All for the love & magic of Velvet Park!

Am I on the payroll now for plugging VP instead of my artwork? ;-P

Here's my two pieces:

For the Wreckord -- Batwoman: Out

For the Wreckord -- Wonder Woman: Dykon

FTW, Wondey sold.  Batwoman came home with me, bowchicka bow bow!

Julia Watson's picture

Woohoo for Uncle Aimee's

Woohoo for Uncle Aimee's awesome sauce! I find those two pieces both delightful and a bit rad-ish.