Rosie O'Donnell: A Family Is a Family Is a Family

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Rosie O'Donnell: A Family Is a Family Is a Family

To say Rosie O'Donnell is a family woman is an understatement; she's an outright advocate for family... and I mean just having a family of any kind. O'Donnell has supported gay adoption for almost two decades since she began her own family. She's reared -- and is still rearing -- four children with her nowex-partner Kelli Carpenter O'Donnell.

Despite her recent break up, Rosie maintains a strong connection to the family unit, turning up to the viewing of her new HBO Special A Family Is a Family Is a Family on Tuesday night with the entire clan in tow.

Via an invitation from GLAAD, I got a chance to view Roise's new special, which premiers on HBO January 31. It's a documentary told from the point of view of children under the age of 10 about what family is. O'Donnell and the producers of the film assembled families of all kinds -- gay, straight, interracial, and single parents -- to illustrate what I can only describe as family in the age of post-modernism.

O'Donnell told Julie Bolcer of The Advocate, "We went to a bunch of different schools in New York, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas. We said it was a Rosie O’Donnell film, and the families that said, ‘We’d like to participate,’ we vetted them on that."

While on the red carpet, the MSM was interested in getting her take on The Tonight Show. Earlier that day, Rosie had smeared Leno over not stepping aside for O'Brien. In the mayhem of reporting that happens on the red carpet, I was able to ask Rosie a few LGBT questions for Velvetpark. She told me that while she'd like to see everyone get equal rights and feels confident we will get them eventually, she'd like to see the foster care system overhauled first.

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Elizabeth Koke's picture

aww rosieee

I love the idea of being "familied" !


<3 Elizabeth

Tex's picture

Chicken or the egg!

Equal rights first and the rest will fall into place - 2010 is the year!

Thanks for doing what you do to get the invite from GLAAD - impressive, sweets! 

Twitter Time @kdhales

Not2Taem's picture

It is nice to see Rosie

It is nice to see Rosie without her snarl on. I used to like her as a woman who came out and said what needed to be said, without beating around the Bush. I'm not sure when it happened, but at some point it seemed to me that every public appearance  became more negative than the last. This was refreshing.

skate's picture

I just want to say that

I just want to say that rights are not something that is given to you by other people, or that you get from others, or that somehow come to you.  Rights are something you have.  They're innate and come from within.

minniesota's picture

My reply to that...

Oh sure, we may have them, BUT there are plenty of people in this world trying to prevent us from enacting them. That's why we have a fight on our hands.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

skate's picture

Well I'm with you there,

Well I'm with you there, 110%.

minniesota's picture


I liked what she said at the end about hanging on and not giving up regarding getting our rights.

I completely understand Rosie's advocacy for families and in particular, children. Speaking as a single queer, I want the world to understand that I deserve my rights whether or not I choose to have a family, in whatever way it is defined.

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

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