Mission Statement

By: | June 15, 2009

The Mission of Velvetpark  The Mission of Velvetpark  Velvetpark Media is a 501(c)3 dedicated to fostering and educating queer women’s subcultures in the arts, academia, and activism. Our community is proudly intergenerational, feminist, and queer—for the culturally, sexually, and politically marginalized person who identifies with the “marginal,” the “liminal,” the “nontraditional,” and the “other.” Our mission is to serve as a safe space for expression, exploration, and intellectual debate about issues pertaining to these three spheres of our collective subculture—the subculture of the “queer woman,” however she comes to identify as a queer woman.  We are invested in promoting and disseminating the artistic, literary, intellectual, and spiritual work of marginalized queer women. You can read more about Velvetpark on our Wikipedia page. CONTACT US Feel free to send us tips, press releases, and pertinent editorial questions to specific editors. You can tweet or Email us. Grace Moon Editor in Chief  @gracemoon


  Patricia Silvia Editor @sightandsound Kent Martin Founding Editor