Application FAQs
Do I have to identify as a queer woman to apply?
No, Velvetpark’s Residency is open to anyone identifying as LGBTQI. While Vp has been historically dedicated to queer women, lesbians, and those identifying as female, our residency is open to anyone on the spectrum of queer, gay male, bisexual, lesbian, non-binary, and transgender—male or female.

What type of artist or writer can apply?
This Residency is open to both writers and visual artists alternately on a bi-yearly basis. This is a project oriented application, which means applicant must propose a project to commence and/or compete during their term.

Visual artists using any medium/s are invited to apply. Bear in mind the studio is only 114 sq ft, so the size of your work is limited. Additionally, the studio is not sound proof, so anyone working with sound must use headphones or maintain low volume.
Writers in any creative genera are invited to apply, fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, etc.

What if I work with a partner?
Our form is designed for individual applicants, however if you work with a partner indicate this on your application in your project proposal supporting materials. Again, keep in mind the size limitation of the studio space as indicated above.

How long is the residency?
You can apply for either a 3 month or 6 month term, as indicated in the application.
Be aware: Application period for writers —Winter/Spring Residency
Sept 20, 2020—Nov 15, 2020.

Application period for visual artists—Summer/Fall Residency
March 15th, 2021—May 15,2021

Are there any costs attached to this residency?
No, You are awarded the studio free of any costs. However, you are required to pay a $50 key deposit for access to the building and your private studio, which will be returned to you when you drop off keys at they end of your residency.

Can I live here?
No, this is a work studio only.
(We hope to have live-in residency as the program develops in the future.)

Do I have to live in New York to apply?
No, however, as as per the above, you will have to find and provide for your own living accommodations.

How will the Velvetpark resident be selected?
Applications will be judged by professionals in each given feild.

What is required of me if I am awarded the studio?
You are expected to use the studio as per your project proposal as indicated in your application. We understand projects can shift and change in process, however, you are expected to produce a creative work/s, which will be featured on the Vp website at the end of your term.

What are the specs of the studio?
The studio, is a private secure 114 sq ft space, 14′ x 8′, with 12′ ceilings. One large 6′ x 6′ window, and lofted storage area.

What other amenities are there?
The studio comes equipped with ac/heat and access to hi-speed wifi. Also, you will have 24/7 access to the your studio as well as common area, lounge, kitchens and restrooms. The studio comes furnished with the essentials lighting, desks, chairs.

Where is the Studio Located?
Located within Crown Studios in the neighborhood of Crown and Prospect Heights in Brooklyn, New York. A 10-minute walk from the Brooklyn Museum, Grand Army Plaza, and Prospect Park. Near Trains A/C/B/Q/2/3/4/5 (10 – 15 min walk).

What is Crown Studios?
Crown Studios is a 6,000 sq ft floor of twelve working artists, writers, and creators. All are paying residents who are professionals in their fields.

What is the relationship between Crown Studios and Velvetpark?
As a charitable donation, Crown Studios LLC has offered the studio space to Velvetpark Media Inc. 501(c)3 to run our residency program.

Are there any Covid-19 Restrictions?
Yes, you will be required to abide by any state/city guidelines on safety precautions, in addition to rules followed at Crown Studios. Crown Studios has so far been a Covid-free environment. You should wear a mask in common areas such as kitchen and restrooms and limit the amount of visitors to your studio to one at a time. All visitors must to wear masks.

Crown Studios, common area