Armory Art Week, SITE fest

Right on the tails of fashion week comes art week in New York City.

Right on the tails of fashion week comes art week in New York City. This is when galleries, collectors, critics, curators and artists from all over the world gather for New York’s Armory Arts Week. In addition to the ancillary fairs that follow the international art fair circuit, the Armory events have expanded to include public events, parties, open studios, in neighborhoods in all boroughs.

As per usual we will bring you in depth coverage of what is going on in the art world, visiting the bigger fairs as well as the smaller events.

In addition to that, this year I’m very excited to tell you that Prof C and I are curating a performance event for SITE fest, the Brooklyn partner of the Armory. As it so happens SITE fest takes place in my burgeoning art neighborhood of Bushwick.

Because the world is actually really small it turns out the founder of SITE fest, Chloe Bass, is a very good friend of a friend of Velvetpark, so we hit it off immediately. Chloe, who began SITE fest three years ago at the tender age of 23, has grown this performance art festival 3 fold each year bringing thousands of artists, and art people to our hood each March.

This year the event takes place on the weekend March 5th and 6th, so make sure to put it in your fair-hopping calendar this week. And pay special attention to March 6th for DIS-COMMODIFY the event Prof and I produced. You can get a full .pdf event schedule for SITE by clicking here.