Art Round Up, New York and Los Angeles

This week if you are in Los Angeles you must hit “My Taste in Men” by artist Onya Hogan-Finlay yet ano

This week if you are in Los Angeles you must hit “My Taste in Men” by artist Onya Hogan-Finlay yet another art exhibition out of the burgeoning queer arts scene blossoming on the left coast. This show examines previously “unseen” paintings, drawings, photos, videos, fanzines, prostest placards, periodicals, buttons and banners that date back to early homophile culture, as well as FBI files on blacklisted artists from the ONE Archives, the LGBT national archive in L.A.

Show opens Monday, with closing reception on the 25th, Roski School of Fine Art, USC.

Last week Patricia and I did a gallery hop through Chelsea coming across some real finds. Here is our impromptu “must see” list:

Krzysztof Wodiczko’s multimedia installationOUT OF HERE: The Veterans Project,” at Galerie LeLong. The cavernous gallery space is pitch black save for projections of broken windows and the sounds of American solders scrambling in an urban battle. One word, eerie.

David Wojnarowicz’s cenosored video “A Fire in My Belly” and other works at P.P.O.W. Check out the screen-play for the video with Wojnarowicz’s hand written notes.

Before Andy Warhol was a copy cat, he was an illustrator of quite whimsical and delightful design. You can trace the beginnings of Warhol’s love of “brands” on view at Robert Miller.

Tara Donovan at Pace (Patricia’s fav of the day) created amazing, dizzying “paintings” out of a bazillion pins… giving new meaning to the term “pin-head.”

My fav was Hiraki Sawa at James Cohan. His video installation, O, of moving landscapes, interiors, and objects were just poignant, beautiful, and in light of the unfolding tragedy in Japan, sort of heart-breaking.

Stay tuned for Patricia’s account of some shenanigans she accidentally fell into at Gavin Brown!