Asians Can Jump…

Shoot, pass, dribble, dunk and become super star basketball players over night.

Shoot, pass, dribble, dunk and become super star basketball players over night. The meteoric rise of Jeremy Lin has got the New York Knicks fired up as they’ve ever been in a really really really long time. Okay, I’m not a huge sports fan, but I do enjoy tuning in when there is a story to watch. And with Jeremy Lin, its pretty unique and inspiring one. Tiger Moms across the country are concealing an approving smirk for a job well done.

If you haven’t heard, Jeremy Lin, while not the first Asian American basketball player in the NBA, is the only Asian currently in the NBA. And in only four games has become a phenom, leading them in their last five wins and putting the Knicks into the 8th playoff spot in the Eastern conference.

Lin didn’t come out of nowhere, but as the silent/invisible minority no college recruiter or professional recruiter took him seriously. Lin grew up in Palo Alto, and was a star high school player with a 4.2 grade average. Standford over looked him and Lin ended up going to Harvard and studied economics. In 2010 he entered the NBA and bounced around. In Dec Lin was signed as the 4th point guard for the Knicks. But when the Knicks four other guards were out with injuries they tossed him in the game—a mere 17 days ago.

And its been Linsanity ever since. Just ask Spike Lee.

A few sports figures, writers and commentors have already asked would everyone be so excited if this were a black player, along with tossing around a few other derogatory Asian slurs. Is he a flash in the pan or the real deal? Well during Friday’s game with the Lakers Magic Johson seemed to think he’s for real. It remains to be seen.

Just two weeks ago Jermey was the 15th guy on the bench, and sleeping on his brother’s couch (his brother is a student at NYU). If it all fails at least he can fall back on his econ degree from Harvard, Tiger mom’s miss nothing.

Here’s Kobe Bryant before he got his ass handed to him… in a rice bowl.

And after…