Community Action for Comunity Action Center

Artists A.L. Steiner and A.K.

Artists A.L. Steiner and A.K. Burns have been on a roll with their arts film “Community Action Center” since its debut last year at Taxater Spegmann. The pair were included in our list of Significant Queer Women 2010 for the edge-cutting exploration of queer sexuality in their film. Over the last 13 months, “CAC” has played in arts spaces and LGBT centers in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and even showed at Tate Modern in London this summer.

Burns and Steiner have even bigger plans to bring the film to smaller LGBT centers outside of the urban metropolises. So they turned to Kickstrater to raise some funds, only to be turned away due to the “explicit” nature of the project.

Fortunately Burns and Steiner found the arts site USA Artists, who were willing, but more importantly understood the importance of public support of the arts.

Burns and Steiner wrote, “while screenings of the video will be seen in universities, film festivals, museums and galleries internationally where independent funds support the presentation. There are thousands of additional members of the LGBTQ and extended communities whom we can reach via local screenings, but whom cannot fund our presentation.” “Community Action Center” was screened at The LGBT Center in NYC last year, followed by a lively discussion, sparking the idea to bring the film to communities out sied of the gay-mega-tropolises.

You can find out more about “Community Action Center” funding and their initiative here at USA Projects. (They have 14 days to raise the rest of their funds!)