Community Guidelines

Velvetpark Etiquette

Be civil/mind your tone.

Velvetpark Etiquette

Be civil/mind your tone.
No personal attacks. There is a difference between expressing an opposing opinion and ridiculing someone who disagrees with you.

No shouting.
We don’t mind if you raise your voice to EMPHASIZE something. JUST DON’T MAKE A HABIT OF SHOUTING ALL THE TIME!!!

Commenting vs. Private Messaging.
If a conversation with someone on a thread heats up and/or goes off topic, take your discussion off the public thread and continue via PM. It’s best not to include everyone in a personal issue or to use a thread about butch-femme, for example, to talk about your dog.

Let sleeping dogs lie.
While it’s tempting to revisit controversial threads, it’s best not to stir up the pot once things have simmered, unless you have new information to add.

Ganging Up/Harassment.
This is pretty self-explanatory– don’t be a bully, and be respectful of opposing opinions in the spirit of productive discussion and new perspectives.

Sarcasm and Snark.
When you add sarcasm do a debate, misunderstanding is likely to occur.  But sometimes sarcasm is how we want to express ourselves.  So if you do snark, it may be best to add a disclaimer (ie. :evil grin: ) – since sarcasm will more often than not be misconstrued as an attack.

No Spamming.
Spam is advertising, obnoxious self-promotion and repeatedly posting the same content.  Don’t do it. No one likes Spam.  Especially not a bunch of vegetarian dykes.

No Stalking/Be Smart.
Be discriminating in your interactions and do not give out personal information to someone you’ve recently met online.

Please do not feed or tease the trolls.
You know who they are.  Those are the folks who purposely and deliberately start arguments for their own amusement and who are not interested in listening to the arguments proposed by others.

 We will not tolerate under any circumstances:
* Racism
* Bigotry
* Hate speech
* Physical threats
* Harassment
* Libel or defamation
* Copyright infringement
* Solicitation

ANYONE is welcome to participate in discussion regardless of, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, race, creed, nationality or ability as long as they respect these guidelines. Please report violations by ONE of the following methods:
* Click “flag this” link by the comment or user
* Use contact form