Fate on Either End | Lauren Anders

About Me:

Lauren Anders is a writer and visual artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. 

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“Fate on Either End”

I’d like to make you feel something or relate to someone other than your two friends that share birth charts that mirror your own. Maybe you’ll disagree with my pessimism, or my word choice, or my often chaotic punctuation. Maybe you’ll have to face something unfamiliar and that’s where we’ll meet. That’s what we’ll agree on. It’s all unfamiliar to me as well— my own words. When I start to become familiar with my own voice it makes me uncomfortable too. I don’t know the face of my subconscious, yet it’s the most real, I think. The uncertainty I’m sure of. So I’ll talk and you’ll listen. I’ll leave lots of empty spaces for your thoughts. Lots of lines that can be read between so that you too can build something there. Isn’t that the point?

Perhaps I’m vain for wanting to say something so often, or perhaps I’m good at nothing else. We all want to be productive in some way, no?

Being a full production of productivity with no pause or end in sight is equal parts maddening and exhausting. It’s slowly but surely killing the soul. I can do it for some time, taking what opportunity I’ve been allowed to this point. It typically involves standing tirelessly with a wine key in one hand, endlessly fidgeting with the small knife on the end, and an outfit that I despise more than men who won’t shake the hands of women. I’ll work. All day and all