In Conversation with Nancy Huang | Writer In-residence 2024

A little while ago we had the great pleasure of sitting down with our current Writer in-residence, Nancy Huang!

Along her wall are notes that she puts up to help her track points in the novel she’s working on, a modern queer retelling of the story of the goddess Chang’e. Nancy who’s background is in poetry, provides insights into the differences of writing a novel and poems.

About Nancy:

Nancy Huang grew up in Shanghai and near Detroit. Her poetry, plays, and prose are published by The Offing,, AAWW’s The Margins, film distribution company A24, and others. Her novel-in-progress, How to Skin a Rabbit, was a finalist for the UK Queer Fiction Prize, the winner of an NYU Global Research Initiative fellowship, and chosen for a ChaNorth Residency. She has a poetry MFA from NYU. She works at a cemetery.

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