Itty Bitty, The Movie

By: admin | October 25, 2007

If your film has won six awards from six different film festivals, including winner of the Jury Award for Best Narrative Feature Film in the SXSW Film Festival, chances are good that you’re not goi

If your film has won six awards from six different film festivals, including winner of the Jury Award for Best Narrative Feature Film in the SXSW Film Festival, chances are good that you’re not going to have opening night jitters for your Los Angeles Premiere.

Jamie Babbit and the stars of her latest offering, The Itty Bitty Titty Committee arrived gorgeous, relaxed and excited Monday night at the Laemmle’s Sunset 5. With flashbulbs flashing constantly and a long line of interviewers awaiting them, everyone took their time to graciously answer questions. 

When asked what she thought about being incredibly envied because she made out with Daniela Sea in the movie, Carly Pope jokingly said, “Trust me, everyone out there has a better chance than me with Daniela!” Of course not all questions were about girls kissing girls. “I’m excited because the public finally gets to see what we’ve known, the best kept secret in Hollywood. And I’m so spoiled. We love Jamie. I love her. She represents the women so well, knows what she’s doing and keeps a warm environment on the set,” enthused J. Karen Thomas. “It’s a little scary when you think a movie like this could possibly not find distribution, you know?” said Nicole Vicius, echoing a common thought that evening. “That’s on my mind, especially when I think of all the stuff that’s out there that’s mainstream. I mean it’s stuff that isn’t as thought provoking or challenging as this.” “I’m pretty excited because a lot of my friends haven’t seen the movie yet and they are finally getting to see it tonight.” Jamie Babbit said with an impressive amount of calm. She told me she was appreciative of all the attention the film has gotten thus far but that we still needed to get the word out as much as possible. “Support the film, support efforts like this so that we can do more. You know, the more that people come out to see this film, the more it sends a message that these films are wanted and needed.” Inside the theater, Ms. Babbit reiterated the need to support projects such as these and then thanked all those who made it possible, including her partner and producer of the film, Andrea Sperling. Then the film began to excited applause. Of course some people in the theater had already seen the film but many had not, including some on the crew who had worked on it. The film was sexy, smart and honest. It was packed with scenes familiar to those of us who have been there, done that, or wish they had been there and had had the brass ovaries to have done that. When the credits rolled, there was whistling, cheering and shouts. What a proud moment for Jamie Babbit and the gang.

After the last credit rolled, those who were pumped up and knew they would not calm down headed to the after party held at Eleven, a swanky restaurant/nightclub in West Hollywood.Once there, drink tickets in hand, Nico and I bumped into Jane Lynch, who looked amazing. Really folks, the camera does not do that woman justice. We didn’t play nosy roving reporter with her. She didn’t look as if she was on the clock. Kids, sometimes celesbians need a day off. We gave it to her. Drink tickets were issued for cosmos or kamikazes. No matter how much I pleaded the bartender to make my cosmo look like a scotch neat, she stuck to the rules like a good employee. A good employee with a sense of humor. Her rather ample breasts were strained against her white IBTC tank top, which I told her, was false advertising. One usually doesn’t get that much of an excuse to look at a woman’s chest and still do it in the name of investigative journalism. “I know, but what can you do? I wanna show some support!” She grinned.

SO MANY things I could have said to that, dear gentle reader, but nope, mama was on the clock. We bumped into Joel Michaely who has a sweet little part in the film. You’ll remember him from, among many other things, one of the unfortunate boys allegedly getting the gay rehabbed out of him in But I’m A Cheerleader. He made jokes about his having itty bitty titties as well. Oh, Joel. So cute. We told him he was great in IBTC. He was his usual modest self. “Oh, no, please, I was only there for a minute but wow, it was a great experience.” Again we heard about how great it was to work for Ms. Babbit. The woman’s got many fans, and apparently if you’ve worked with her once, you’ll want to be near her again. Natasha Lyonne, also from Cheerleader was there to show some support. When Daniela Sea arrived all hell broke loose. The screaming! You’d think she was a Beatle. A man sitting next to me who was probably the only man in West Hollywood who had no idea who she was, confessed that she was so beautiful, he wished he were a lesbian. “I think I’m a bulldyke now.” He whispered, his eyes filled with awe. Fans had opportunities to get their pictures taken with the stars in front of the ITBC banner/backdrop. The fact that no one passed out from the sheer excitement of that opportunity was impressive. We all behaved ourselves just enough but not too much. Wink, wink.

The funny ladies from the Lesbian Lounge were there as well, showing some love, and of course inviting people to be on their show. Support, support, support. All going back to what the dyke community has long believed. We have to help one another out, show up for one another. We have to take care of one another because let’s face it, no one else is. Name a big studio flick that has represented you lately. Go ahead. I know, I know, you’ll be awhile. When the younger babydykes see Itty Bitty Titty Committee during it’s opening weekend, it will give them some good ideas and some sleepless nights. For the rest of us, it will hopefully make us ask the important question: Where did that babydyke in me go, and how can I get back the best part of her, the one that was awake and on fire? 

— Anna Romer