Miss. School Lies, Xtina Cancels Tour, and 52% of Americans Are OK with the Gay!

They’re not fooling anybody, but officials at Itawamba Agricultural High School are

They’re not fooling anybody, but officials at Itawamba Agricultural High School are denying allegations that they sent Constance McMillen and her same-sex date to a fake prom while the majority of her classmates partied the night away at a secret location. Thanks to kids who attended the secret prom and posted pictures of it on Facebook, school officials have at least been forced to admit that another dance did take place at Evergreen Community Center that night. Still, they have categorically denied the ACLU’s charge that the decision was made to hold two separate proms at a meeting they attended with parents on March 29th. Right. Clearly the second prom, to which McMillen was not invited, just fell from the sky. Classier and classier, Itawamba County School District! McMillen recently transferred to a school in Jackson and will graduate next week.

In other homofabulous news, congrats, folks. WE HAVE MADE IT! A new poll from Gallup shows that 2010 marks an important leap forward for gay folks in the U.S.: more than half (just barely) of our fellow Americans no longer find us morally repugnant! Go team.

In entertainment news, Christina Aguilera has canceled the 20-date summer tour she was set to kick off in July. The official word is that she has a prior engagement this summer to star alongside Cher in the musical film, Burlesque, and that she needs more time to promote her new album, “Bionic.” But some are speculating that poor ticket sales, the lackluster chart performance of her new single “Not Myself Tonight” (it peaked at #23), and the mega-mocked video for that same single, which was widely panned as a subpar Gaga rip-off, are to blame.

Cherry, cherry, boom boom.

And speaking of Gaga, don’t forget to tune in tonight on Fox as the Gleeks take on “Bad Romance” and “Poker Face” in full-on Gaga regalia!