“Rumor, Gossip, and Bullshit Aside,” Says Codikow

By: Editor | November 4, 2013

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More from Girltrash! gossip mill, this just out from Power Up’s Stacy Codikow, “Rumor, gossip, and bullshit aside, THIS IS ANGELA ROBINSON’s cut”. Offical statment below:

XTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT! GIRLTRASH: All Night Long, the DVD to be released December 15, 2013 After way to long of a wait, POWER UP proudly announces the release of the musical comedy, GIRLTRASH: All Night Long feature film. Based on Angela Robinson’s extremely successful Web series sponsored by Showtime, GIRLTRASH: All Night Long, the feature stars Lisa Rieffel (lead singer of Killola), Michelle Lombardo (Quarterlife), Gabrielle Christian and, Mandy Musgrave (South of Nowhere), Rose Rollins, Kate French,Clementine Ford (L word) and Megan Cavanagh. Made through POWER UP’s Filmmaking Mentorship Program, GIRLTRASH: All Night Long, is the tale of 5 girls in one epic night, where they find sex, drugs and rock-n-roll in this romantic musical comedy about going for broke and believing in yourself . The film was directed by first time feature director Alex Kondracke, the wife of Robinson, and executive produced by Stacy Codikow (D.E.B.S., Itty Bitty Titty Committee), produced by Lisa Thrasher (Itty Bitty Titty Committee) and Angela Robinson (L word, True Blood, Hung). “This is an amazing original fun ride from Robinson, who is known for her pop style,” stated Gina Goff, POWER UP President of Production, “Can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Rumor, gossip, and bullshit aside, THIS IS ANGELA ROBINSON’s cut, her version of what she wants you to see! Her version, her way.

This film is only available through POWER UP and can be ordered at girltrashallnightlong.com or powerupfilms.org