Season Two of “The Real L Word” to Focus on Whitney & Harem

This week during the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, new Showtime head honcho David Nevins told

This week during the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, new Showtime head honcho David Nevins told that changes were in store for season two of The Real L Word. What kind of changes? They’re going to ditch most of the cast and focus this time on Whitney and her groupieser, that is, her group of friends. (With benefits.)

Lesbians of the world, join hands…

From the man himself, on the renewal of a show with such spectacularly bad ratings its first time around the block: “I felt like there’s life in that idea. First of all, this network has had a long relationship with gay and particularly lesbian audiences that I think is important to protect. … I think there’s an interesting version of that show that we didn’t quite get at last year. I think we can make this show feel more Showtime, more premium and exclusive. I think we are making we are going to make real cast changes. We’re going to focus it somewhat around Whitney and her friends, which I found were the most, sort of, authentic, you know, young 20 something lesbians in Los Angeles. I think we can do a better job of, sort of, capturing that subculture and go deeper.”

I haven’t seen the season two promo reel yet (because, let’s face it, I value my sanity over my girl reporter intrepitude), but word is that it features Whitney’s infamous strap-on scene quite prominently. So as much as I would love to believe that Nevins is genuinely interested in delving deeper into lesbian youth subcultures, I feel confident that what he means by “more premium and exclusive” Showtime content is “lots more hot young lesbians banging each other on your TV screen.” Were it not for the fact that I’m still creeped out by how events last season went down (so to speak), I might be excited about that. As is? It all feels a little squicky. But what do I know. Does this make all y’all more interested in watching the show?


Oh, and Nevins adds: “So it definitely seemed worth doing a second season. I think we’ve got really good producers, and Ilene Chaiken. …So I think everyone is sort of sometimes, with those reality shows, you get it right year two.”

Hear that? They have “really good producers.” And Ilene Chaiken. Good luck with that season two, you crazy kids.