TeaCo(ra)zy Watch 2010: Vp’s Official Election Night Watching Party!

By: Vp Editors | November 2, 2010

Why, hello there (socio-political) sports fans. Watch this space!

Why, hello there (socio-political) sports fans. Watch this space!

Planning on treating tonight’s incoming election results like the spectator sport extravaganza we know and love it to be via coverage on your favorite cable news network? Us too! Be sure to visit this thread today. Often! Your friendly neighborhood editors will be using it to celebrate/commiserate during Velvetpark’s Official Election Night 2010 Watching Party.

Reasons to join us:

1) This guy:

2)  Obvs. This is our Superbowl. (Except for you sporty dykes who actually love football. For you this is probs more like the Superbowl’s red-headed stepsister. HOT.)

3) C’mon. Do you really need an excuse to spend a night not just with your fellow Parkers, but with Rachel Maddow, too? Maybe this year MSNBC’ll let her wear a tie on their teevee machine. Hey, a girl can dream.

4) If, as widely prophesied, the Teabaggers start to successfully win a mini-mob of seats in the House of Representatives, we can just turn the evening into a drinking game. Every time an angry white person with a misspelled protest sign talks about the need for Americans to “love/protect/drastically reinterpret freedom” or complains about socialist health care policy while driving their Medicare-funded motorscooter in figure eights around a reporter, CHUG, CHUG, CHUG!

Lez do it!

At least she didn’t spell it “offecal”… but pretty close!