ThreeWay: Finding Neverland (and Queer Masculinity)

Amy: Can you think of a lesbian publication that favors masculinity, as in they give more attention and props to butches and trans guys over femmes?

Amy: Can you think of a lesbian publication that favors masculinity, as in they give more attention and props to butches and trans guys over femmes?

Julia: The only queer publication I can think of like that that’s a print publication and not a blog is that new one for trans guys, Original Plumbing.

Amy: What about a blog?

Julia: Sugarbutch is pretty popular.

Diana: Oh, and that dapperQ blog is about butches.

Officer Mahoney: pop culture’s most famous lesbian cop.

Julia: Incidentally, there’s nothing quite like trying to figure out the best places to ogle hot butches first thing in the a.m. with you lot.

Amy: Haha, so true. Great life we have, isn’t it?

Diana: I was walking home from Grace’s house through East Williamsburg last week and walked by the hottest ever bulldyke cop. Youngish, brown skin, handsome face, cropped hair. Like a gift from the Goddess.

Julia: Holy hell that’s hot! I have SO got to get CT a cop uniform, cuffs and a nightstick. I die.

Okay, NOW we’re talkin’!

Amy: My gay friend asked me about it for a blurb he’s writing about for his blog, but I just realized why he asked me: because he wanted to make sure he said something about how masculinity is favored in the queer community over femininity, something I’m always crying to him about. However, once he told me this, I explained to him that I think it’s true only for queer circles, not lesbian ones. I feel like most lesbian blogs, etc, unless specifically about butches, definitely focus on the more feminine or Shane-like lezzies. Don’t you think? i.e. Dinah Shore.

Prof C: But Amy, you mean a publication that purports to be about lesbian culture at large but has a bias? Trans/butch(sugar or no)/stud is still “specialty” or other. I think “mannish women” are still other and are still only represented in boutiquey (ahem) venues. Mainstream lesbians think overt masculinity is gross. 

Amy: Yeah, he was asking for one that says it’s about lesbian culture in general but favors a masculine point of view. I told him this doesn’t exist because like you said, lesbians think butches are gross.

Prof C: I figured out early that women are more interesting than men (prob contributed to my lesbianism!). So I find it really ironic that in queer scenes masculinity is seen as being automatically “most interesting.” I’m sure we all have diff examples of “cool” trans dudes or queer butches who everyone adores but who likewise have nothing to say or to contribute!!!

Pomp and swagger stance.

Diana: Masculinity is only interesting, though, because it’s forbidden. The assimilationists avoid it because they worry the rest of the world will think “all lesbians are ugly and mannish.” Queers love it because it is the very thing that makes us different (both being it and loving it). We geniuses all know femininity is just as complex but it doesn’t show like masculinity does so it’s not as easy to sit around and ponder it. Plus female masculinity is defined by the rest of the world as lack, and that gives us something obvious to rally around. The assimilationist camp gets to rally around the “Why do you want to look like a man?” rhetoric and the queer camp gets to rally around the “I don’t need a dick to be a man” battle cry.

Katie: There is this hipster lesbian magazine that’s only sold in museums, galleries and dyke bookshops. It is small and only has fashion spreads of butchie types. Obviously I can’t remember the name right now. Fuck.

Amy: I think in queer scenes, the masculine people you described, Prof,  are not only seen as more interesting, but also more attractive and valued as members of the community. BLEHHHHH. But I admit a little bit of bias as someone who requires a lot of attention. Most trans women and many gays appreciate femmes and are constantly complimenting me.

Katie: It’s called Girls Like Us.

Amy: I LOVE GLU! It’s the women version of BUTT! It’s so fucking hot. Thanks for reminding me, I haven’t bought an issue in a while.

Diana: This masculinity talk reminds me that if you guys haven’t watched Beybey’s new “Why Don’t You Love Me” video, do it right this minute. Go! Now!

Amy: Oh man. I watched it last night and almost died.

Diana: Amy, we need to figure out how to do all her hairdos. Also, I think I’m going to embrace heavy eyeliner again.

Amy: p.s. I think we just had this week’s ThreeWay chat!

Diana: Oh totes! That was easy!