Velvetpark’s Official Coming Out Day: Cinco de Gayo

BREAKING NEWS! Today on Velvetpark we want to share with you our shocking Cinco de Gayo news. The editors of Vp are all officially coming out.

BREAKING NEWS! Today on Velvetpark we want to share with you our shocking Cinco de Gayo news. The editors of Vp are all officially coming out. If you feel that the time has come for you, then please join us by coming out in the comments below. This will be free publicity in case any of you are planning on launching a career in showbiz.

Prof C
Hi! My name is Prof C, and I am a lesbian. I came out when I was 15 (or, more likely, when this photo was taken) and have remained a steadfast lesbian despite never having a coming out party of my own. My portfolio includes a high school letter in the lesbian sport of golf, a history with acoustic guitars, and a PhD in Women’s Studies. Where’s my People spread?

Laniaya Alesia
Hi my name is Laniaya and I am queer. I was officially kicked out of the closet almost two years ago. I don’t sing country music but I can yodel, line dance, write backwards and a host of other random things.

Diana Cage
Let me just say I was planning on coming out today all along and that Chely Wright stole my thunder. Darlings, I must now confess. The rumors are true. I am high femme and I’m ready to face My Dangerous Desires.  I know friends and family suspected it all along. There were clues, certainly. In high school, for instance, I not only lettered in drama but compulsively color coordinated my outfits with my car. Later, there was the drama, processing, stilettos, handbags, and the many, many love affairs. And now, here I am standing before you as a proud, nay… arrogant… high femme dyke. I look forward to wielding my Fredericks of Hollywood charge card openly and with pride.

Grace Moon
Hi my name is Grace Moon and I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man! J/K! I am a bio-lez. I eat box. Now can I have a book deal?

Amy Nicole Miller

Dear world, Fortunately, I am a big ol’ queer, a lesbian for life. I’m coming out because I want the attention and immediate embrace given to the random celebrities who come out publicly. I want to earn a living by making appearances at huge lesbian circuit parties and cheesy gay clubs across the nation, minus Arizona. I’ll give a really great acceptance speech telling kids in small towns who feel “different” to be strong and I’ll wear a gown by Christian Siriano. I want to become a role model and win an award from every LGBT organization’s gala. I want to move to LA and be on a reality show about “real” lesbians living in LA. There you have it world, I’m queer and I’m proud. Ilene Chakien, I’ll be awaiting your call.

Julia Watson
I’m Julia Watson and I’m a lezzie. Sophie B. Hawkins and a blond cheerleader made me gay, but geek strategery, long luxurious ponytails, and banging butches makes me fabulous. I’m coming out in the hopes that Showtime will buy my TOTALLY RAD IDEA for a sexy lesbian soap opera. The characters in this show are fictional and if they bear any likeness to the people above me in this coming out list, I assure you, the resemblance is purely cooincidental.