Application | Writers Residency 2022

writers residency

Writers Residency (January – June 2022) Winter/Spring application is open to emerging and established LGBTQ+ Writers. As we head into our second year of the residency we are excited to welcome poets, fiction, creative fiction, and multidisciplinary writers to apply.

A private workspace will be awarded to a selected writer, based on application project proposal and strength of past works.

Application period

Opens – September 15th, 2021
Deadline – November 15th, 11:59 pm.

For materials you may need to submit view our checklist.

For more information view our FAQs

Please read FAQs and review Checklist before you begin. You will not be able to change or edit responses once your form is submitted, nor will you be able to save and return to application if left incomplete.

Artistic Discipline | Project Proposal

Select one or more, If "other" is selected please list below:
E.g. poetry, oil painting, playwright, graphic novelist, etc ...
Please write a 100 - 250 word description of your project that you will work on while on residency.
You are welcome to write a project outline or timeline of what you will complete within your 6 month term.
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Upload separate project proposal if integral to your project

Sample of works

Title of each work, separated by a coma.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
10MB max for total files submitted, Please submit works in a .Pdf document.
Submit url to video works
Submit url to include additional works (optional)

Two References

Please provide two reference, complete names with phone number and email. One reference should be professional and the other personal.
Please provide full name, phone #, and Email
Please provide full name, phone #, and Email

Biographical Information | Resume

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The residency is a six month residency from January - June 2022.
Please triple check your application is complete. Incomplete applications will be discarded.
Applicant is responsible for understanding parameters of Velvetpark Residency at Crown Studios. FAQs and Checklist
Price: $ 25.00
Payment made through PayPal, to complete your application.