Visual Artist Resident 2023 | Emma Bergman

We are excited to announce our second of two Visual Artists Residents this year, Emma Bergman! She will be with us starting August 4th – December 2023.

About Emma Bergman:

Emma Bergman (they/she) is an interdisciplinary artist and organizer based in Brooklyn, NY. She creates films, installations, performances, and archives, with a focus on relationship-based practices. In 2014, Emma co-founded Call Your Mom, a multimedia performance collective whose immersive works invite audiences to connect interpersonal experiences to larger social/political dynamics. 

Emma believes in a future without prisons and attempts to further that vision in their work. At Velvetpark, they are excited to continue developing a video installation project in collaboration with incarcerated artist James Jones, who offers the following words on his practice: “I view my work as a way to answer the questions that many people have about the day-to-day experiences of those being held against their will in modern-day concentration camps, those who consider themselves captive maternals, political prisoners, hostages, inmates, etc. We offer our lives in ink and art, we ask to be seen and heard, we ask to live among the free, through our work we hope to free us all.”

Emma has shown work across the US and abroad, most recently at Gylleboverket (Simrishamn, Sweden), All Street (New York, NY), Centro NAVE (Santiago, Chile), and the Sondheim Art Prize Semifinalist Exhibition (Baltimore, MD).

Rocko (click to view)

a short documentary film in collaboration with James Jones

Shadowboxing (click to view)

 an interactive performance by Call Your Mom (Emma Bergman, Elif Cadoux, Sophie Goldberg, Mia Massimino)

Territorial (click to view)

a print installation in collaboration with Aziza Afzal

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