Visual Artist Spotlight | Denisse Griselda Reyes

Griselda (Episode 1) 

2018 – 2020, 22:12, color, sound, animation, home video, HD Video

In this mockumentary short comedy, upcoming queer new media performance artist, Griselda, is followed by a “woke” magazine editor throughout New York City as she disrupts museums, performs as the Virgin Mary, and cries publicly. 


2021, 16:09, color, sound, HD video

The first chapter of Cry with Me, a variable art installation and film.

Cry with Me is an autofictional and genre-fluid fantasy chronicling the director’s indignant but lovable alter-ego, Griselda, and their restless journey dating in NYC as a non-binary Latine performance artist struggling with their deepest darkest secret: their rape.

Audition #4/39

2020-2021, 03:01, color, sound, HD video

Audition #4/39 is Allan’s Audition for Denisse Griselda’s autofictional film, Cry with Me. Each participant was required to complete a Questionnaire before entering the room for the audition, that was structured as a first date with Griselda. Griselda spent 24 hours over 3 days auditioning 39 actors.

About Denisse Griselda Reyes:

Denisse Griselda Reyes (they/them, b.1993) is a non-binary multi-disciplinary visual artist and filmmaker. Their current work explores transhistorical memory through hyperbolic recreations in experimental films, poems, paintings, and performances as their alter-ego, Griselda. They utilize video collage, greenscreens, and humor as vehicles to interrogate representations of race, gender, and queerness. Denisse is dedicated to creating an archive surrounding oral and visual Latinx stories to bring light to the histories manufactured as invisible that lend themselves to representation and mystification. 

Denisse holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts concentrating in New Genres from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s degree in Art History from Wesleyan University. Their films have premiered in Berlin (The Institut für Alles Mögliche and TAKT Kunstprojektraum) and No Budge. Their current film in post-production, Cry with Me was awarded “Hot Film in the Making” by the Roy W. Dean Film Grant in 2020. Their work has been exhibited at A.I.R. Gallery, The Wallach Art Gallery, Lenfest Center for the Arts, Artforum, MODA Curatorial Review and internationally. Denisse is currently working and living in Brooklyn, NY. 

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