Visual Artist | Dana Zinsser – Tender Shepherd

Pieces Featured (in order of appearance):

  • Date Night
  • Kitty Cradled
  • Point Guard
  • Tender Shepherd
  • Fantasy Finals

About the Piece:

“Tender Shepherd” explores  the concept of shrines. I consider my body and the ones I depict as an altar constructed to conjure beloved memories. I explore how grief affects the body by illustrating the physical manifestations of stress through wrinkles, scars and blemishes.

My subjects, cramped in strained poses, are intricately cluttered with offerings that perch and hang from their limbs. These subjects and objects embody visceral grief and the notion of survivors’ guilt. Their writhing faces and tumorous flesh are an amalgamation of longing.

The objects represent offerings to conjure back moments in life; to harness the memories tainted by guilt and grief by baiting fishing lures, lighting candle sticks or curating plastic garbage and wilting flowers. I implement symbolic images such as grapes, fried eggs, shrimp cocktail as a bountiful offering to taunt the moments I grieve.

About Dana Zinsser:

Dana Wood Zinsser was born in 1989 in New York. Dana studied drawing and printmaking at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, and has worked in many prominent print shops in the city. They pull from their experience as a master printer to create intricate drawings in pen and ink, watercolor, silkscreen and intaglio. Zinsser’s works on paper explore paradoxes of embodiment, probe myths of beauty, ability, and age, and suggest a radical redistribution of normative values.