you don’t get to love me | Corrine Jasmin

About Me:

Corrine Jasmin is a poet, multidisciplinary artist, and musician. Through solo and collaborative efforts she creates thought narratives, cinematic poetry, and intentional imagery that cement a Black future. Along with a performance background and working intimately with songwriting and music, she floats between filmmaking, video, and photography. Jasmin is currently an artist in residence for music at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn.

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you don’t get to love me

you don’t get to love me where i’m going

feels like this been goin’ on a million years like i’ve asked you a million times
like i’ve dropped a million tears
make it clear:

you don’t get to love me where i’m going

it’s not in the stars, it’s not aligned you’ll have to watch from afar respect is earned, never owned. relationships are optional

you don’t get to love me where i’m going

i made room, you made stress, made demands
you were above requests
did not hold my love
you gripped, grabbed, contorted, pushed all my limits

your insecurities made it a constant point to belittle me
i’ve waited patiently, until i bursted, seeking reciprocity
who do i have to be?
absorbed violence while you swore you were protecting me

you don’t get to love me where i’m going

and trust me, i am going
changing, moving, shifting, climbing i been vocal, silent, quiet
while you set fire to my name

your battered ego is to blame and so is that hurt child inside you failed to recognize love is not a chess game – it’s a garden
and a delicate one
dangled it over my head

weaponized it as a threat

for you, the good part is
the story that keeps you safe can remain right there i’ve got nothing to prove
i want nothing from you
i’ve set you free, no power over me